Mr. Jones album has arrived. Due for release & radio October 1 2014
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Sophisticated (adjective): Developed to a high degree of complexity
-New Oxford American Dictionary

‘Mr. Jones’ takes the thread to its natural conclusion. Wayne Jones delivers a perfectly executed and impeccably polished sound, where each and every note can be savoured. It defies logic that the musicianship bar could be raised any higher, yet here it is. Five new stunning tracks, intricately constructed, perfectly played and … well … even more sophisticated! As always, Jones can funk it up with the best of them yet at other times it’s difficult to fathom that the licks being played are coming out of a bass, such is the fluidity.

There’s an interesting dichotomy between the cruisy, groove-based jazz licks the listener hears as opposed to the amount of skill and technicality applied by the musicians involved to achieve such a smooth result. The music is deceptively complex. It takes a lot of work to make it sound so easy and it takes a special kind of player to be able to pull it off. Once again, Jones has enlisted the cream of the crop to help make his musical vision a reality.

On ‘Mr. Jones’, you’ll find the most sublime tenor sax lines played by respected American saxophonist Mike MacArthur. There’s an abundance of inspiring and tasteful trumpet licks courtesy of Rick Braun, a guy who makes a habit of visiting the top of the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts. Grammy nominated keyboardist Philippe Saisse, who has collaborated with David Bowie, Al Dimeola, David Sanborn, and The B52′s to name a few, adds his musical stamp to the mix too. Fallon J Williams III keeps it tight, precise and syncopatedly splendid on drums, while Steady Joseph adds his percussive flair. As always, the ever-presented Ronnie Peers on guitars … just does what he so wonderfully does.

A quick summation of the tracks on Mr. Jones? Sure, but really you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t experience this album for yourself!
‘A Day At The Beach’. Is the opener and is just that. A sunny, smiling, brass enhanced slice of happiness.

‘Get Up’. You may as well, the swaggering strut will get you in the end anyway.

‘Sweet Melody’. Take this brisk, breezy musical stroll to nowhere in particular. Breathe in the air, take a look around and enjoy the ride.

’5 to 6′, easing into a groove with a dream-like melody, poured lavishly over the top of a funky beat, defiant of the complex time signature.

‘The World Keeps Turning’. A Latin-tinged, late night conga line with Fallon J Williams III setting the pace, Jones dictating the moves and Braun’s trumpet leading the way.

If adult-orientated, smooth jazz is your bag and you appreciate the finest musicianship at hand, then Mr. Jones is your benchmark for whatever else you allow through your ears and into your soul in the future.

Greg Phillips. Editor www.australianmusician.com.au

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