Closed For The Holidays

Wayne Jones
Smooth Jazz
  1. Closed For the Holidays (Feat. Mike Macarthur & Rick Braun) -:-- / 03:44
  2. Feeling Playful -:-- / 03:49
  3. Barcelona -:-- / 04:11
  4. Children Who Lose Their Way (Feat. Rick Braun) -:-- / 04:10
  5. Perfect Mistakes -:-- / 03:46
  6. Strawberry On a String -:-- / -:--


After two impressive releases over the past five years, premier Australian bassist/composer Wayne Jones’ brand new album, CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS has just arrived, and it features his best work yet. Using a food analogy, the six tracks on this new CD are like a gourmet recipe… sophisticated but not stuffy, incredibly tasty, creating so much contentment going down that you’ll absolutely want to prepare it time and time again. You’d be hard-pressed to name a favorite tune, as every one of his originals is incredibly delicious. Mr. Jones really wanted to expand his sound on this project, so he invited trumpeter Rick Braun and saxman Mike MacArthur to guest. Excellent choices! Wayne’s excited about the possibilities involved in taking CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS to the World, and says, “I really have a great feeling about this one. I feel like I have arrived.” Indeed you have, mate. This is the one!


Jones world journey is far from over, in fact it’s only just beginning. Yet with Closed For The Holidays you can’t help but feel he’s arrived anyway.

Greg Philips, Editor Australian Musician Magazine


A few weeks ago, I received the new album by Australia’s bass player Wayne Jones. To broaden his sound he invited two special guests to this project, Mike MacArthur on sax, and Rick Braun on trumpet. And again Wayne proves that he really can pull it off, he knows how to make an album that is considered his best to this date. Read More

Patrick Van de Wiele

Closed For The Holidays
Feeling Playful