Sweet Melody (Remix)

Wayne Jones
Smooth Jazz
  1. Sweet Melody (Remix) -:-- / 03:47

Wayne Jones dusts down and dresses up Sweet Melody, in a remix of the track from his 2015 release Mr Jones. Back then I referred to the tune as “brisk, breezy musical stroll” and nothing’s changed there but five years on, with a new coat of paint, this joyous melody is the pick-me-up we all need in world full of so much darkness. While the motor purrs underneath, above the clouds Wayne and his band of first class musicians weave their magic. It’s all class, the silky stuff you pull out of the back of the locked cabinet once the kids have gone to bed.

Solo & Groove basses – Wayne Jones
Drums – Fallon Williams III
Keys – Philippe Saisse
Guitar – Ron Peers
Percussion – Steady Joseph

Written and produced by Wayne Jones, as well as recorded with his own high-end Wayne Jones AUDIO WJBPII Bass Pre-Amp and WJ 2×10 Powered Bass Cabinets. Once again, immaculately mixed and mastered by ace Australian producer/engineer Steve Scanlon (Sound Management Australia) on Jones Scanlon Studio Monitors.

~ Greg Philips, Editor Australian Musician Magazine