I Guess I’m Done

Wayne Jones
Smooth Jazz
  1. I Guess I’m Done -:-- / 03:37

In a relatively humble intro, Jones’ bass sound casually strolls into the track, simply nodding in acknowledgement of its presence before a vibrant, electric, synth-led motif signals the arrival of the serious stuff. The groove has begun, the extraordinary musicians are all onboard and there’s some mighty fine, freewheelin’ chops happening. Meanwhile Jones is punching and poking through with his bass lines, exploring, listening, finding the gaps and leading the way. The dramatic motif momentarily returns to add some spice and exits just as quickly, leaving pianist Philippe Saisse to take the baton and run with the groove, laying down some sweet Vince Guaraldi style tinkerings. The musical conversation lingers, tastefully and considered, fading out at a mere three and half minutes of commandingly played, luxuriously smooth sounds, then … I guess they’re done.

Solo & Groove basses – Wayne Jones
Drums – Fallon Williams
Keys – Philippe Saisse
Guitar – Isaiha Sharkey
Percussion programming – André Berry

Written and produced by Wayne Jones, as well as recorded with his own high-end Wayne Jones AUDIO WJBPII Bass Pre-Amp and WJ 2×10 Powered Bass Cabinets. Once again, immaculately mixed and mastered by ace Australian producer/engineer Steve Scanlon (Sound Management Australia) on Jones Scanlon Studio Monitors.

~ Greg Philips, Editor Australian Musician Magazine