Stereo Valve Pre-Amp

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High End Pro Bass Player Designed

WJBP Bass Guitar Pre-Amp

My perfect sound was an Avalon 737 studio pre through my WJ powered cabs. So I set out to design a bass pre-amp that truly reproduced your bass sound & thus enabled you to tailor your sound. Also the tone controls had to work in the right areas & the pre had to have all the bells & whistles we need to do our job. Again no expense spared, just the highest quality components I could get for everything we need on stage & in the studio. These were my Instructions to my Engineer.

I have achieved that with the WJBP

This pre will also make front of house engineers happy as what goes in comes out.

The WJBP is designed with a no compromise attitude in Cost, Quality, Components & Features just as are WJ High End High Powered Bass Cabinets.

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WJBP Stereo Bass Pre-Amp for bass guitars WJBP Stereo Bass Pre-Amp for bass players WJBP Stereo Bass Pre-Amp Wayne Jones AUDIO bass rig with a Fodera custom bass guitar

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